27 September 2016

FAQ for Software Architecture Documentation (with arc42)

I'm currently working hard on translating our German book (see this post) - which will be named "Communicating Software Architectures - lean, effective and painless documentation"). It's already on Leanpub, my favorite eBook publishing platform.

FREE in various formats

Arc42 faq cover As arc42 is deeply rooted in open-source, I decided to extract the FAQ-section (frequently asked questions) from that book and make it available for free. As mentioned above - translation is not yet finished, and many of the questions in the FAQ collection have a "t.b.d" tag attached... but I'm quite positive I'll have the whole stuff translated until December 31st 2016.

Many categories of questions

I organized the (currently more than 100) questions in the following categories:
  • A General questions
  • B Questions on methodology
  • C Questions on arc42 sections
  • D Questions on modeling
  • E Questions on arc42 and agile methods
  • F Questions on tools for arc42
  • G Questions on arc42 and versions / variants
  • H Questions on arc42 and Traceability
  • J Questions on managing documentation
  • K Questions on customizing arc42

Your input is welcome

If you encounter questions around architecture documentation in general or arc42 in particular, let my know: DM me on our new @arc42Tipps Twitter account or email me on info-at arc42.de. By the way: I'm very grateful to innoQ for supporting arc42.