18 February 2013

pragmatic Enterprise-Architect(™) template for arc42

I just released a slender version of the arc42 template in Enterprise-Architect(™) format.

Deliberately the template contains only four packages, although the full arc42 template contains several others:

SHORT arc42 EA template.jpg

Use it to model (construct, design or document) all structural aspects of your system, and use any other (text-oriented) tool for non-graphical information.

As with all arc42 artifacts, the template is absolutely free to use, no hidden fees or restrictions. It'd be nice though if you mentioned arc42...


Download the template (with a very brief documentation) here.


Even newcomers to Enterprise-Architect will be able to use the template within EA - nevertheless we provide a brief documentation for it within the arc42-confluence.


The template does contain a report generator, therefore it is currently not suited for complete software or system architecture documentation - just for the graphical information.


You are allowed to use this template in all situations you like – but we do not provide any (ANY!) kind of guarantee for it. It might crash your EA, or inflict your mind – we cannot possibly exclude such incidents. So please give us feedback, but please don’t blame us for any issues with EA, the template or your project.


Thanx to my colleagues from innoQ Deutschland for supporting this work, thanx to Axel-N for productive discussion about modeling in general and especially applying EA.