22 February 2006

Spammers are improving...

I receive the bill from my favoured telecom provider (T-Com) once per month via E-Mail. Today I got one again, only slightly out of its regular rythm. The sender informed me that this month more than 730€ were due - way tooooo much to be true. But, what made me suspicious, they informed me that starting from February they would not sent pdf-invoices again - I had to login to some website to download the pdf myself.

Sounds like pretty standard spam-or-phishing - but THIS one was really close to the original. The mail contained none of the spam-typical typos or grammatical mistakes - the wording was copied exactly from the T-Com originals. I became even more curious now and compared it bytewise to one of the original monthly T-Com mails - only to discover that only three minor things were wrong:

  • My T-Com account number,

  • my wife's name in the mail header (we both are listed at T-Com as account holders) and

  • the mail was adressed to my web.de address - not the one listed with T-Com
  • .

Dear me - those spammers really get better...

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