27 October 2007

Lisp again: Eclipse plugin

Great news:

InfoQ reported about it... Cusp, an Eclipse plugin for Lisp.

One day, when I've spare time, I'm gonna post an experience report :-)
(so you might be better off NOT to wait for it...)


Michael said...

Cusp has some nice features I'd like to have in Dandelion too :)

Michael said...

I have installed the plug-in. Why it is very convenient for Eclipse users, I also encountered some problems. Sometimes, the interpreter environment got somehow irritated which caused me reactivating it. In addition, it does not seem to offer the full Common List support other (free or commercial) implementations provide. Some example from the freely downloadable book by David S. Touretzky, COMMON LISP: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation, did not work.
I am curious about your experiences.