29 October 2007

How to Use Multiple Versions of MagicDraw UML without Interference

(on Mac OS X):

At least versions 12.5 and 14.0 ff. need their "libraries" directory named "MagicDraw UML". If you want two versions on your machine, you either need to install them into different directories (which I did no like!) or patch the installation just a little:

  1. Install MD to any tmp-directory.

  2. Right-click on the executable, which in reality is a hidden directory. "Show content".

  3. Navigate into the "Content" directory, there you'll find a file called "info.plist"

  4. Edit this file (with a text editor, NOT with the default property-list-editor!)

  5. Search for the text $APP_PACKAGE/../MagicDraw UML

  6. replace with (e.g.) $APP_PACKAGE/../MagicDraw UM 14.0L

  7. save info.plist

  8. rename the MagicDraw UML directory of the MD installation accordingly: MagicDraw UM 14.0

Don't forget to move the now changed files (directory plus startup file) to your favorite application directory (mine's called "development tools" under "Applications".)