11 August 2007

Intelligent backup solution

At least I found a backup solution which suits my needs: CrashPlan can either backup to a central server, but (really cool!) also to your other machines... (Mac, PC, Linux!!)

I had it up and running in a few minutes - tried their support (reactive, competent) and had 50GBytes backed up from my Mac to our family-PC (yes, we're still using it...) within a few hours...

Elegant UT - a cool addition to my backup strategy... (20-50 Euro).

Update (Sept 07): I verified the following things to make sure it works as expected:

  • Simple restore of a file or a previous version. Crashplan can keep arbitrary versions :-)

  • Restore from a different machine, so I can restore files even if the original machine is stolen, burnt down, drowned or otherwise unavailable.

  • Asking support questions: The CrashPlan support guys are responsive, friendly and competent. Excellent marks here!