03 August 2007

Finally: Lisp-plugin for Eclipse

We had to wait awfully long for a Eclipse-Lisp plugin (named Dandelion) to appear...

Version 1.0.5 even comes with support for Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) and with SBCL bundled (at least for MacOS and Linux).

I'm sure to blog some experiences one day (when my current customer projects will give me some time...)


Michael said...

Oh, I forgot to update the link to the new update site:

Thanks for mentioning the plugin!

Michael said...

So, where would you actually use Lisp these days? And what are its main problem domains.

Just curious :-;

-- Michael

PS: To be honest. I still consider Lisp as an extremely valuable language to get some fresh ideas

Dr. Gernot Starke said...

Speaking of honesty: I really don't know any IT-shops personally which still use lisp for business today.

I'm really fond of the language - although I would NOT call myself a lisp expert... but I'd be really glad to hear about recent case-studies...

(as there are several commercial lisp vendors around, there MUST exist a market somewhere...)

regards and thx for your interest,

Anonymous said...


I know about one company in Nürnberg (SCHEMA GmBH)
that used ANSI Common Lisp as their
main implementation language for a content management system. At least around 2000 they used Allegro Common Lisp. But I think due to shortage of staff with LISP skills, they eventually moved to C++ (and the usual other reasons of course).

I know that because at that time I applied at that company precisely because they searched Lisp skills. They would have hired me, but instead I chose another job offer.
(Still not sure if that was a good idea...)