21 April 2007

Digitally signed mails considered unreliable

After six month of usage I finally stopped digitally signing my outgoing
E-Mails (I was using a notary-supported Thawte certificate).

What sounds like a bright idea proved to be unreliable in practice: Several large
corporations (I won't name them here) refuse to accept signed mails (a quote: signatures are untrustworthy), some of them even did not notify the sender.

In my humble opinion these corporations have a false sense of security -
signed E-Mails really provide authentication. But: At least four of my clients
refuse to accept signed mails - I constantly had to switch between signed and unsigned mode, what a hassle!

Therefore I return to having "unsigned mail" as my default - sigh...

Why doesn't better technology win? Why has the concept of "ignorance" ever been invented?

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