02 August 2006

Some useful software for Mac OS X

  • Desktop blog editor qumana, currently available for free (beta version).

  • Managing multiple iPhoto libraries with iPhotoBuddy (freeware)

  • Let the mac to the typing: typeIt4me (27€)

  • kgtd: Outliner-support for the GTD (getting-things-done) productivity method (book published by David Allen)

  • Dobry backuper - for scheduled backups, either incremental, versioned or full. This is one of the things I preferred under Windows - a "real-time" backup with autoversioning (approx 30US$).

  • RemoteDesktop - a cool client (by Microsoft) to connect to Windows machines. Way better than vnc or similar stuff - freeware!

  • BurnXFree to burn CD's and DVD's, freeware, proudly made in Argentinia.

  • SerialMail to send mails to more than one recipient (as I'm sometimes coordinating larger groups of people, this is really helpful. Do not use it for spam, will you?! Donationware.

  • Of course, no Mac-SW-list will ever be complete without Quicksilver - the smoothest application experience I ever had - really! Freeware.

  • Witch to switch to specific windows of applications (apple-tab just takes you to the app - not what I always want)

  • Oh - I'm using the whole OmniWare palette...

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Matthias Bohlen said...

Hi Gernot, the link to RemoteDesktop for the Mac is broken. The correct link is:


By the way: Thanks to your hint, I found out that there is also Windows Media Player for Mac OSX. Good because many websites publish WMA and WMV files.

Matthias Bohlen said...

Cool, the witch tool. Until now, I used the key combination "command-<" to toggle through multiple windows of the same application.