03 July 2006

Fine Use of (integrated) Camera

At first I thought the integrated camera of my MacBook was playstuff - but finally I'm convinced: A little app called booxter helps me organize my (pretty fat!) bookshelf. The sole problem I had was: "how to I get all my books entered into the app"?

Camera-to-the-rescue: Booxter recognizes the barcode with the ISBN-number printed on every books' backside. I was really astonished that it works - no hassle...

The process is now pure fun: hold the book into the "eye" of the MacBook - wait for the "click" - and a few seconds later any of 10 configurable search engines (Amazon, Library-of-Congress etc) returns title, author, cover, description and other useful information about your book. Took me 5 seconds per book (min), 15 max. Deal, isn't it?

For 15 Euro I call that a bargain for guys who love books and need assistance in keeping overview. 5 star rating!

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