09 September 2005

Ray Ozzie's latest "child" - a little disappointing

Ray Ozzie announced the launch of Onfolio, aka project31. As I really fancy Ray's fantastic invention called groove, I gave Onfolio a try - and was, mildly said, a little disappointed.

The feature-set includes the ability to capture (aka bookmark or store-locally) web pages, rss feeds and emails. The functions are pretty well integrated into IE and Firefox, but I could not really detect added value:
  • I usually keep annotations to pages, mails and feeds in topic-oriented mindmaps, which can also store text snippets, images and the like.
  • Onfolio does not transparently support sharing of captured stuff - I have to manually move things around my two laptops.
So - after de-installing I did'nt really miss anything... apart from the fact that I was really annoyed by several broken links in their docs, the un-ability to display the images of already-captured websites and sometimes poor performance.

Maybe I should have waited until version 3 :-;

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