12 September 2005

Exchange Mail and Outlook Web Access (OWA)

I recently switched my complete email infrastructure to a commercial provider -
why the hack have I waited so long? Having a centrally administered mailserver is worth a good nights' sleep - which I wasted more than once to administer my own private server landscape.

Now - having Outlook 2003 installed and operational on my machines I could turn around and continue dreaming - but there is the slight annoyance of sometimes working behind a corporate firewall within one of my projects. The otherwise dynamic duo of Outlook and my mail-provider is completely agnostic of this situation - they simply pretend it does not exist.

After a few wasted Euros in phone support and a few more wasted hours in trying dozens of different varieties of configuration, one smart guy came up with the idea of usind Internet-Explorer as the browser for Outlook-Web-Access. At first that idea sounded pretty awful to me as a firefox addict - but turned out to be brilliant: IE enables a so called Premium client for accessing remote exchange postboxes - and strongly resembles the real outlook.

Smart thing, Redmond! Thanx.

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