26 July 2014

Connect your Kindle® to password-protected WiFi

Just in case you need to connect your Amazon-Kindle® to a password-protected WiFi network - and it does not work... That often happens in hotels, at airports or other locations with protected WiFi access. An unconfortable but working solution is the following: You need a real computer (or tablet or smart smartphone) to find out the IP address of the WiFi router... If you don't know what that is - this solution is not for you, sorry. 1.) Use a computer to find out the IP address of the router of the protected WiFi. Window 2.) On your Kindle®, enter this IP address as browser URL. 3.) Your Kindle® browser will display the appropriate login or registration page. It won't look nice, and typing username and password won't be comfortable. But it will work! 4.) nothing more to do :-)