25 June 2013

Letter to Our Governments: Germany, GB and US are Surveillance States

Dear Mrs Merkel, Mr Cameron and Mr Obama,

in transforming your countries to surveillance states you let them win - those terrorists and scoundrels of all kinds. That surely was one of THEIR plans - planting seeds of mistrust in our western democratic societies.

Now you spy on your own fellow, consciously violate privacy and the secrecy of (formerly) private communication over public networks. Mrs Merkel called for similar surveillance in Germany...

You accuse those who informed the public and media about you spying on citizens - although they deserve to become public heroes (read what Bruce Schneier says about it)

I hereby declare my high esteem to those we nowadays call "whistleblowers", the Snowdens and Mannings, the heroes of our time. They sacrifice a life in freedom, so that all others know about Prism, Tempora and potentially others. 

Liberty of speech, thought and communication is one of the pillars of democracy - and I personally see those violated by YOU.

I signed every petition website I could get hold of in favor of Ed Snowden - and very much hope he never needs to regret what he did for us! Kudos to him and other truth-tellers - that's what whistleblowing is about!


Bruce Schneier impressively summarizes:

"You governments are putting your own self-interest ahead of the interests of the country. That needs to change!"

Just in case you ever considered calling me a friend - forget it. 


From today, I'll be actively sponsoring and using privacy networks like Tor. I will at least try to break out of surveillance!


deeply troubled,

Gernot Starke