24 September 2012

two reasons to run for the iPhone-5

my (old) iPhone 4 still works like a charm, battery life is ok, no scratches, reliable.

So - what reasons did I come up with to convince my wife (aka Ministress of Finance) that I really need the new model? None, obviously.

So I ordered it without any particular reason, signed up for somewhat cheaper monthly plan (save approx 5 Euro/month) and got the fancy gizmo on Friday, premier-day here in Germany.

After using it for two days now, I found two reasons for *really* loving it:

1.) the new form factor, its slender and lighter design feels perfect for me!

2.) the panorama camera - (available in options menu when taking a picture), automagically stitches together images to terrific results - without the slightest manual step required.

See this 180 degrees example, taken in our (small!) garden:

imho this is great - deformed perspective, but what do you expect from 180 degree images?

THIS has high addiction potential!