26 November 2013

22-Digit IBAN Considered Harmful

Whoever decided to replace the old-fashioned 9-10 digit
bank account numbers by the 22-digit IBAN clearly favors
machines over humans.

It's cruel to force humans to fill 22-digit numbers into money transfer statements.

Everybody has heard of the 7 +/- 2 rule, the number of things a human can usually keep in short-term memory. 22 is clearly out of this range.

Banks of the world - this decisions does NOT make me love you.

"Der Spiegel" has a nice article about it, titled
"IBAN Die Schreckliche"


Patrick Cornelißen said...

And the worst part is that they more than doubled the amount of characters you have to type and you still have to to provide the SWIFT/BIC code to really make sure that the correct bank is identified.
(For at least 1-2 years)

Yury Schkatula said...

Meanwhile in Soviet Russia, we have 20-digit bank account numbers for about 15 years, if I remember it correctly (I used to develop on FoxPro that times).