02 September 2009

I stopped using Eclipse...

Ever had hassle with your numerous Eclipse plugins? With update-manager complaining about missing dependencies, which nobody ever could resolve?

With re-installing your (free) development environment every now and then?

After giving the latest Eclipse ("Galileo") a try, I just dumped it: After configuring Spring, Scala, webservice, subversion and a few other plugins, the whole app did not even bother to start...

Having been Eclipse user for several years, I am really grateful for their contribution to (Java) software development. But it has become an overly complex monster in my (humble) opinion.

I lighthearted moved over to IntelliJ-IDEA - their slogan "develop with pleasure" became true within the first hour of using IDEA (I tried both 8.1.3 and their early-access version 9). Grails and Groovy support is excellent, Scala plugin working fine, subversion support the best I ever had, even Clojure working (ok - that one can definitely be improved, but true lisp programmers should stick to Emacs)

Proud user ofThe best Java IDE


Oliver Fischer said...

Hello Gernot, I can understand you pretty well. I dropped Eclipse after the first hour.

Being a IDEA user sind 2000, I never regreted paying for it.



Yaba said...

Interestingly IntelliJ IDEA also managed to surpass the Adobes commercial Flex Builder for Flex application programming.

Anonymous said...

For German readers the following list of IDEA tuning tips might be relevant. They were collected while working on a code base with several million lines of code using IDEA.