07 April 2008

On Olympics and Beijing

Usually I refrain from political posts - but Tibet shall be well worth every exception!

Beijing 2008 - RSF media

It's a shame, a tragedy and a disaster: A big country invades a small one. Nobody cares.
Now the big country happens to host the olympics - and a few fellows from the small country
(now a so called province of the big country) try to protest their invasion. Tibetians are (and have been for a long time) severely oppressed and robbed of their (rich) cultural heritage by China. It's an
illegal invasion, nothing less!

I'm really fond of the RSF (reporters sans frontiers) initiative to boycott the opening ceremony of the 2008 olympic games - and I urge our German officials to follow this path. Do not allow
the big country their carefully planned marketing triumph.

Additionally, Jan Kurschewitz has posted a brief writeup plus some additional links.