22 July 2007

Amazon: Success in a (not-so-small) logistical problem

For something not directly related to IT: Today (July 21st 2007) was a special day in three ways:

  1. (12th) anniversary of our marriage - a reason to celebrate (what we did, read on).

  2. First day of our first-holiday-ever in the Austrian moutains.

  3. Harry-Potter's latest novel hits the stores, completely unrelated to the previous two events...

Now for the logistical problem: I preordered the Harry-Potter at Amazon and gave them our hotel address to deliver to. Beeing one of more than 100.000 Potter-addicts, I was really curious wether Amazon would succeed in delivering my parcel to the Austrian mountains on time.

To my surprise they did: When we arrived after a smooth 7-hour-ride, the "Deathly Hallows" awaited me...

Congratulations to Amazon and their logistics partner DHL: You earned mental bonus points today. Well done.