07 February 2007

Astonishing: 25Gigabyte FREE online backup storage

Today I tried out MediaMax - a pretty cool online backup and file management service. These guys offer 25Gigabyte of free (yes - free, no cost, no ads, no pain) storage - although in their free version you are only allowed 1Gig of free download per month.

I don't care - I long for offsite-backup space. And even the premium plan (4.95US$/month) isn't that expensive - and gives you 100Gig storage plus 10GByte download per month.

Their upload-applet worked in both Safari and Firefox, even plain-ftp upload is possible. Too bad that upload-speed in DSL is such a nuisance...

Another little piece in my personal backup strategy (which includes an OpenSuse powered Raid-1 subversion server, an external USB-drive, and a user-friendly interface for Unix-tar...)

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