15 August 2006

Upcoming Presentations and Talks (September 06 - January 07)

I learned from Stefan that it might be useful to inform you about my upcoming speaking engagements. Here's what's fixed so far from September 2006 until January 2007:

  • 19.-20. Sept. 06: CON.ECT: 2-day public course: SOA and Business Integration (Vienna)

  • 21.Sept. 06: SOA Technology Days, Bonn: "Enterprise Architecture"

  • 28. Oct. 06: CM-Workshop, Karlsruhe: "Der Faktor Sicherheit in Software-Architekturen" (public, but limited attendance)

  • 6. Nov. 06: W-Jax 2006, München: "Untiefen von SOA-Projekten"

  • 14. Nov. 06: 10th anniversary of Sophist-Group: "Reisebericht aus Architektonien" (semi-public)

  • 15. Nov. 06: Prio-Conference, Baden-Baden: "Software-Produktionsprozess"

  • 27. Nov. 06: iX-Conference on better Software, Frankfurt: Half-Day tutorial: "42 für Architekten: Effektive Architekturkommunikation"

  • 12.-15. Dez. 06: Intensivtraining Software-Architektur (public), Munich, together with Peter Hruschka.

  • 22.-25. Jan. 07: OOP-Conference, Munich: Together with Stefan Tilkov I'll be Track-Chair of the 5-day SOA-Track. With Peter Hruschka I'll be managing the Software-Architecture day and with Matthias Bohlen and Peter Hruschka I'll be talking on "IT-Trends (nicht nur) für Manager".

plus some private engagements, that's practical boredom-avoidance for a while :-)

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