13 September 2005

Fashion Faux Pas?

The little techno-freak buried in my fragile self was instantly stirred up a few days ago, when famous Apple began selling their newest baby, the iPod Nano.
Quite a few guys (e.g. Jaqcui Cheng and Clint Ecker) have covered that geeky thing in detail - I liked the photo of the nano buried up to its display in a jeans' coin pocket.

My personal minister-of-finance declared the nano to be machina-non-grata until I clean up my desk, finish last years' tax declaration and other stuff one cannot do without proper equipment. Will somebody please support me with arguments :-)

Aah - the faux pas? White headphone with black iPod.

1 comment:

Stefan Tilkov said...

Look, this is not a fun device, it is a 4GB USB portable storage device exclusively used for business purposes, so it's a tax-deductable business expense. No need to involve the finance minister in those kinds of decisions - right?